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" Im a dreamer - in a New York state of mind... following my way!"

      Hello! My name’s Débora Dutra. I’m an Entrepreneur and  fashion & beauty influencer, creative content developer, social media strategist.


      I started modeling when I was 4 years old, and then, never stopped - TV commercials, theater, movie, serie, beauty contest, fashion and commercial model. Always involved and passionate with this universe.


        I’m from Brazil and now in New York City to follow my dreams and live my purpose in life. I want to continue inspiring other women to fight against all odds to follow your dreams, because I believe that we are strong to build the lives that we want to live despite all the obstacles.


     I believe that when we find our life purpose nothing can stop us, so we just need follow our journey sharing what God sowed in our hearts, trough our talents.           

We are so precious!


 I’m a passionate of life, spreading love through all I do, everywhere I go...

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